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If you are interested in learning about the blacksmith's craft, you have come to the right place. Our goal is to keep the art of blacksmithing alive and pass those skills on to future generations.
If you are interested in learning about the blacksmith's craft, you have come to theright place. Our goal is to keep the art ofblacksmithing alive and pass those skills on to future generations.

Links to forging videos from Youtube

Links to Youtube videos that the webmaster finds interesting.



Forging chains and anchor.


Bill Hahn's hinge bending tool..


Welding the big ring.


Metal Forming


Hammer forging big round steel.


Cannon damascus - fabrication.


Samuel Yellin on craftsmanship.


Yellin Metal Works 1990


Melvin Rose - Challenges of blacksmithing today.


Forging a simple leaf.


Dangers of forging tubing or pipe.


The Hoffi hammer.


Forging a wrought iron gun barrel.




Forging a small Bell.


Forging bolt tongs.


Forging a larger leaf.


Forging a candlestick.


Forging a drawknife.


Forging a garden hand rake.


Making files from mild steel - case hardening.


Files - case hardening.


Village Blacksmith   1947


Blacksmith Work


Pioneer Axe Making


Measuring Winding Lines - This is a non-English language film but the video is pretty much self explanatory. An interesting tool.









More Forging Videos


Forging a Ring Pull


A Woman's Touch


A Wrapping Tool


A Leaf Wall Hook


Coat Hook With Ball Ends


Rivet-less Tongs


Making a Touchmark


Making a  Blacksmith Touchmark


Maker's Stamp on the Cheap



Samurai Sword


Japanese Sword Making





Even More Forging Videos


Building a Forge


Build a Forge


Anvil Stand


Anvil Stand


Reduce Anvil Ring


Anvil Stand



The forging operations that most of us see or use today are relatively small. There are large industrial forge shops that we seldom get to see and we may not realize that they still exist. This group of videos from Youtube demonstrate some of the industrial forge shops around the world. It is interesting to watch these smiths shape iron using forging dies or with no tools other than large hammers and tongs.


A large hammer.






Die forging.




Large hammer in Chicago.



Very Large Hammers


Supercharged Little Giant Hammer







Youtube videos added June 13, 2020.

These videos show methods of the individual smiths involved.

There may be many different ways to complete the same project.


Ed Land - Blacksmith Artist


Joe Brown - Blacksmith


Wallace Yater - Blacksmith



Basic Forge Work


Build a New Blacksmith Shop


Backsmithing for Beginners


Rams Head


Tempering Steel


Safety in Oxyfuel Applications


Flame Straightening








Links to Youtube videos added April 2022



Basic Hammer Techniques


Making nails at Colonial Williamsburg



Forging a Trace Hook




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