If you are interested in learning about the blacksmith's craft, you have come to the right place. Our goal is to keep the art of blacksmithing alive and pass those skills on to future generations.
If you are interested in learning about the blacksmith's craft, you have come to theright place. Our goal is to keep the art ofblacksmithing alive and pass those skills on to future generations.

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11/15/2019 -  Removed unavailable videos from Youtube page.


11/10/2019 -  Added new improved membership application form in

                      PDF format.


09/30/2019 - November meeting location changed to Kathy Davidson's

                      smithy. January meeting location added.


09/22/2019 - Photos of the September 21 meeting added.


09/12/2019 - Updated Next Meeting schedule.



07/19/2019 - Added 5 Industrial Forging Videos to Youtube Page.


























Next Meetings






11/16/2019 - Regular Meeting - Kathy Davidson 6647 Hill Ave.

                     Toledo, Ohio  43615


12/07/2019 - Open Forge - Mel Hoch 26193 Bowman Rd.

                      Defiance, Ohio  43512


01/18/2020 - Regular Meeting - Mel Hoch 26193 Bowman RD.

                     Defiance, Ohio   43512





See Meeting Details for directions.








Shop class - 1905




Titanic anchor chain




Blacksmiths and woodworkers will never suffer from poverty.

Blacksmith Shop - Merchants Despatch Transportation   1904

Meeting Schedules

The Northwest Ohio Blacksmiths hold regular business meetings on the 3rd Saturday of the months of January, March, July, September and November. These meetings are held at at the shops of different members and forging activities start about 9:00 AM. The business meeting is held at 11:00 followed by a pot-luck meal. Spouses are welcome to attend. Forging activities continue after lunch.


On the 1st Saturday of all the other months (except May) we have "Open Forge" meetings, for smiths only, at various blacksmith shops. These meetings start any time after 8:30 AM. Bring your own sack lunch for these meetings. Forging activities may continue untill mid afternoon. See the "Meeting Details" page.


The 1st weekend in May is our annual "Hammer-In" held at Historic Auglaize Village near Defiance, Ohio. This is a Friday - Saturday - Sunday event. We invite a well known smith to demonstrate his/her skills. Attendance at this event requires a registration fee. You will find detailed information on the "Hammer-In" pages .

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